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Leonard Peikoff has also lectured at some of the world’s top venues. The following is a synopsis of many of his best-known lectures along with information on how to order the talks.

The American School: Why Johnny Can’t Think

Certainty and Happiness: Achieving Success in Thought and Action

Judging, Feeling, and Not Being Moralistic

Love, Sex and Romance

My Thirty Years With Ayn Rand: An Intellectual Memoir

Objectivism: The State of the Art

A Philosopher Looks at the “OJ” Verdict

A Picture Is Not an Argument

Poems I Like–and Why

A Rational Curriculum

Religion vs. America

The Role of Philosophy and Psychology in History

The Survival Value of Great (Though Philosophically False) Art

Triumphs and Tribulations of a Talk-Show Host

Why Ancient Greece Is My Favorite Civilization

Why Should One Act on Principle?


All of Leonard Peikoff’s lectures may be ordered from the Ayn Rand Bookstore via their website, or by calling them at 1-800-729-6149 (U.S. or Canada), or 1-949-222-6557 (International)