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In 1961, Ayn Rand received a speaking invitation from the Ford Hall Forum, a group that sponsors free public lectures on social and political issues. She spoke there almost every year until her death. Leonard Peikoff has continued the tradition.

America vs. Americans (2003)
Peikoff analyzes and rejects—as appeasement-ridden and ineffectual—the entire Bush administration response to the terrorist attacks on the U.S., from 9/11 until today. America, he says, should have reacted to 9/11 as it did to Pearl Harbor—by declaring war not on Afghanistan or Iraq, but on Iran.

The One in the Many (2001)
An early approach to and summary of Dr. Peikoff’s new book The DIM Hypothesis.

A Picture Is Not an Argument (1998)
The current, perceptual-level attempt to prove one’s ideas not by thought, but by pictures.

A Philosopher Looks at the O.J. Verdict (1996)
What enabled the Simpson jurors to reject the evidence of his guilt?

What to Do About Crime (1995)
Crime is a philosophical phenomenon, a conclusion reached by Dr. Peikoff after a study of the characteristics of typical criminals.

Modernism and Madness (1993)
The startling and detailed connection between schizophrenia — “the low point of the human mind” — and culture — “the height of human achievement.”

Some Notes About Tomorrow (1992)
Mainly: What caused the collapse of Communism?

Philosophy and the Real World Out There (1990)
Modern philosophy as the process not of debating the nature of reality, but of gleefully rejecting it.

Why Should One Act on Principle? (1988)
Principles as the only tool that can make the questions of human life answerable, along with a refutation of the pragmatists’ charge that principles are “simplistic”

My Thirty Years with Ayn Rand: An Intellectual Memoir (1987)
Moving insights into the person behind the novels. Dr. Peikoff’s experiences of Ayn Rand the thinker, the artist, the teacher, the friend, and the passionate valuer of the best within man.

Religion vs. America (1986)
Religion as a contradiction of every element of the philosophy upon which America was founded.

Medicine: The Death of a Profession (1985)
How government intervention in medicine is leading to the disappearance of competent medical care in America.

The American School: Why Johnny Can’t Think (1984)
The anti-conceptual mentality as the destroyer of American schools and students.

Assault from the Ivory Tower: The Professors’ War Against America (1983)
Why college professors are hostile toward America.

The Sanction of the Victims (1982)
“This is Ayn Rand’s last piece of writing. She delivered the lecture in New Orleans on November 21, 1981, before an audience of businessmen attending seminars sponsored by the National Committee for Monetary Reform. She was planning to give it again at the Ford Hall Forum; I delivered it there in her stead some six weeks after her death.” — LP


All of Leonard Peikoff’s lectures may be ordered from the Ayn Rand Bookstore via their website, or by calling them at 1-800-729-6149 (U.S. or Canada), or 1-949-222-6557 (International)